From the work of the Consortium di Bonifica (Reclamation) of the Padule and the Municipality of Fucecchio “Usciana, the hike along the Canal” was founded. An amazing 6-kilometre hike, marked by indicator signs, that goes along the banks of the Usciana canal and connects the Bridge of Cappiano, from which passes the Via Francigena, to the crater of the Padule of Fucecchio. The route is an hour and a half of hiking or a 40-minute mountain bike ride and offers the sportsman a stunning view of the valley that opens between the Cerbaie Hills and Montalbano. A path of extraordinary beauty, rich in vegetation and wildlife of high natural interest.

Among the main stages of the trek are the Burello Bridge and the Marabotti Bridge, from which you can see the church of Stabbia, as well as the Cavallaia Bridge, from which we then continue to arrive at the confluence of the Channels of the Terzo and the Capannone, from which the Usciana begins. The floral species along the route are of great interest; for example the yellow iris and the yellow water lily, and above all the rich wildlife that populates the area in its entirety, from the earth to the sky: here you can see, among others, the white heron and the grey heron, the stork and the egret, while in the canals and in the bodies of water there are pike, carp, eel and chub.

The maps of the itineraries - in Italian and English - with a detailed description of the routes, links, the territory from an environmental, historical and tourist point of view can be downloaded below and are also available at the tourist offices of the Municipality of Fucecchio, the Pro Loco Fucecchio, the Padule of Fucecchio Research Center, Documentation and Promotion and the Intercommunal Tourism Office of Vinci.