The Palio is a song, a dance. The vital rhythm of a people through the ancient streets and squares, without cars. The parade of girls with wreaths on their heads and doves in their hands, a splendid youth, dancing and celebrating the festival of spring in the blue light at the end of May, this is also the Palio. Love in the morning and brawls in the afternoon, just like life. Folklore and history become magic. Here we celebrate the rites of work and celebration.
(Piero Malvolti)

An ancient competition of medieval origins, a rebirth that, from 1981 onwards, has seen a continuous growth of enthusiasm and interest: the Palio of Contrade today plays a primary role in the daily life of citizens and in historical events Tuscany. The undisputed protagonists of the event are the 12 Contrades: Borgonovo, Botteghe, Cappiano, Ferruzza, Massarella, Porta Bernarda, Porta Raimonda, Querciola, Samo, Sant'Andrea, San Pierino and Torre.

The great race of the penultimate Sunday in May is the culmination of a whole week of events, including the presentation of the cloth and the historical parade, with flag-wavers and more than a thousand figures, and is preceded by other initiatives during the course of the year. At the end of the competition, a new cycle of preparation and waiting begins: for every Fucecchiese the Palio is everyday story made of passion.

All events are organized and promoted by the Municipality of Fucecchio and the Palio of Contrade Association. Visit the official website of the event: