Museo Fucecchio - cimeli Montanelli

A glory of Italy

The room dedicated to the heirlooms of Giuseppe Montanelli (Fucecchio 1813-1862) was inaugurated on January 9, 2016, at the end of a long and delicate restoration, in a new exhibition inside the Civic Museum.

The heirlooms – including that of the captain's uniform of the Pisa University Guard, the university professor's hood and the tricolor band - were donated in 1862 to the municipality of Fucecchio by Laura Parra, widow of Giuseppe Montanelli, as evidence of his university lecturer, soldier and politician. The new display also includes a multimedia instrument, made by the contribution of the Tuscany Region, with which it is possible to follow the biography of this patriot and the different protagonists of the Resurgence whose events were intertwined in various ways with Giuseppe Montanelli's business.

The restoration and display of the relics was carried out with the support of the San Miniato Savings Bank Foundation.


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