On Saturday 22 April 2017, Marco Puccinelli's sculpture entitled “Freedom in a tape - Letter 22”, dedicated to the figure of Indro Montanelli, was inaugurated in Fucecchio. Made of stainless steel, a material that is as eternal as the thought of the journalist from Fucecchio, the work was discovered on the occasion of the renovation of Piazza della Ferruzza. This is how the artist talks about it:

The idea of ​​a sculpture dedicated to Montanelli was born in 2008, immediately after the creation of the work for Enzo Biagi. I was born in Fucecchio, he was from Fucecchio, it seemed to me a natural consequence to dedicate a sculpture to our most illustrious fellow citizen. For my part, however, I want to emphasize that this is not just a parochial aspect, there is great esteem for the writer and journalist Montanelli, in my opinion the greatest. Regarding the fact that Montanelli, during his life, recalled several times that he did not like a monument, I can say this: my work does not represent his image but his thoughts, the facts he told and his sometimes uncomfortable ideas. All this imprisoned in the tape of the typewriter as if it were for me the palette with colors and brushes. My work is a synthesis of his thought. I absolutely did not look for a representation of the image.

Previously Puccinelli had already made a sculpture, also in steel, for another great journalist: Enzo Biagi, honorary citizen of Fucecchio since 2002. The work, entitled "Peace in a pen" is was inaugurated in 2008.